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Roswell Property Management

Let us manage your Roswell rental property

Roswell Property Management

We raise the bar of excellence in the ever changing housing industry. We work with our clients using the highest standards of service and integrity. We offer a range of options from full service Property Management to simple Tenant Placement. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our full service package.

Benefits of using ARB Realty Group

  • Professional market research to determine fair market rent
  • Recommendations to enhance property value
  • Broad market advertising (multiple listing service, company website, and internet syndication)

More Benefits of using ARB Realty Group+

  • Employment of a universal lock box to maximize showing opportunities
  • Professional signage to attract drive-by applicants
  • Find tenants
  • Comprehensive rental applicant interview
  • Extensive applicant screening to include criminal background, credit, employment, and Tenant history. 
  • Professional drafting of custom lease agreements
  • Careful conduct of move-in/move-out inspections
  • Collect rent
  • Deposit to owner’s account
  • Property maintenance
  • Provide end of year 1099’s

Property Evaluation+

We inspect your property and make recommendations to enhance the rental value. Also conduct a market analysis comparing your property to similar properties recently leased. Based on our analysis we will recommend a rental rate range.


It depends on the market conditions, renting a property usually takes from 1 to 6 weeks. We will keep you updated and discuss if the rate or terms should be modified based on the current market.

We will list your property on various sites such as, FMLS for Tenantial properties, LoopNet for commercial properties, our website, HotPad, and Craigslist to name a few. All of our listings will be available to agents at Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, and Keller Williams. We also work with many agents to lease your property and pay them a co-op fee. We provide professional signs, flyers, and advertisements for your property. We also have a friendly, available staff to assist potential tenants and/or agents to view your property immediately.

Tenant Screening+

All tenants go through an extensive applicant screening. We check credit, rental history, criminal background check and verify employment for all applicants.

Lease Preparation+

The property needs to be clean and free from any damages to the walls or paint. The color of the walls needs to be neutral. Blinds need to be installed. The power needs to be on and all light fixtures need to work. The refrigerator and microwave need to be included with the property while the washer and dryer are optional. The front and back yard need to be maintained, bushes trimmed, and fresh mulch in any flower beds. All gutters need to be cleaned and maintained.


  • Initial market evaluation and recent leased property study in the area.
  • All advertising and property showings.
  • Thorough tenant screening, employment and reference check.
  • We use the Georgia Association of Realtors lease and walkthrough forms for your protection.
  • Collection of rent and monthly accounting.
  • Payment of and accounting for any and all vendor billing, mortgage payments, HOA dues, or other fees if requested.
  • Direct Deposits and Electronic Statements.
  • Coordination with vendors and tenants for prompt quality maintenance.
  • Legal representation and Collections should they be required.
  • End of the year 1099 tax reporting.

Property Management Cost+

  • Tenant procurement fee: One month's rent.
  • Property management fee varies with type of property, location and the amount of rent, please call us to get quote
  • Renewable fee (when tenant remains longer than 12 months): 50% of one month's rent.
  • Multiple property discount available.

Rent Payment to Owner+

The tenant makes all payments to ARB Realty LLC. The management fee and any expenses will be deducted and balance will be direct deposited into owners account between the 10th and 15th of the month. Owners receive a 1099 form at year end for tax preparation.

Rent Collection and Evictions+

  • We insist on timely rent payment from tenants.
  • We act promptly when rent is not paid.
  • When necessary, we handle entire eviction process.

Property Inspection+

Once a year we do a Property Inspection. We check for any possible damage to the outside of the property, roof leaks, water leaks under cabinets, rotted wood, loose door knobs, windows, garage doors, walls, paint, carpets, floors, ect. We will repair small items at this time and make note of any future repairs needed. This enables us to actively monitor the property and keep it in the best condition possible.

Home Warranty+

We recommend to purchase a yearly Home Warranty on rental property to avoid high cost of repairs. Home Warranty cost around $365 per year, which cover HVAC system, Plumbing and Electrical repairs. Owners pays for the Warranty once a year and the tenant pays deductible $70 fee when they call for a repair. Our experience is that, having Warranty saves high cost A/C compressor failure or Dishwasher stopped working for many owners. Tenants are also at ease that, they don’t to have wait for owner’s decision for repairs.

Inquire About Our Services

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Yearly Preventative Maintenance +

  • Seasonal Gutter Cleaning
  • Seasonal HVAC and major systems Inspection
  • Vacancy Period Services:

Post Tenant and Pre Tenant Cleaning

  • Monthly Cleaning
  • Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
  • Rent preparation package or turnkey service

74% of Tenant turnover can be controlled by improving customer service particularly in maintenance areas" The quality of service at a property is one of the top 3 reasons why tenants renew or leave a property. It is 4 times more expensive to replace a tenant than it is to retain one. - National Apartment Association Magazine, Units June 2004

House Inspection once a year, cost $50

Person who goes for inspection, will check following:

  • Look for any possible damage to the property from outside by erosion, any Roof leaks, Check under the Kitchen cabinets for leaks, any rotted wood, loose door knobs, Garage door etc.
  • He  will fix any small items which takes few minutes and caulk any where as needed.
  • He will check, if there is any abuse by the tenant, he can go and see all areas of the house.
  • Make notes for any future repairs needed.

By doing this we are able to monitor the property better, take care of small issues within same cost and know if we need to continue to rent these tenants.

A/C Service Cost about $75 per unit(each floor)

  • This is done once a year, recommended in April, so they can be check for Heating and Cooling.
  • If there is any problem, Freon leak or anything else, we get it fix through the Home warranty if applicable.
  • We have seen that, warranty does not cover in some cases if the unit has not been serviced every year.

Gutter Cleaning cost $100 min depends on size and height of the house

This is done once a year. We have seen many issues when gutters does not drain property or get loose, soft wood get rotted, dirt on the ground near the house eroded. We had lot of rain this and seen quite a bit of leaks and gutter issues.


Any Trees or Shrubs close to the house need to be trimmed. If they are close to the house and they are grown too big, they need to be trim, if sun light is not getting to the house foundation/sides the possibility of mold growth. Any dead tree in the yard has to be removed, insurance does not cover if it falls on your property or neighbor’s property.

We have seen with above minor expenses we will be able to control expense to the property owners and tenant were happy that we are proactive and have no complains and happy to stay longer term.

Landlord Insurance+

Landlord Insurance

Select a policy with a Loss of Rents Provision. This means, for example, if the house burns down, the insurance company will continue paying you rent until the house is back in rent-ready condition.

Increase your Liability Coverage

Basic liability coverage on a landlord policy is typically $300,000. In today’s world, you need more than that. Many companies offer $500,000 or $1,000,000 coverage for a small increase in the premium.

Make sure your property manager is covered.

Most management agreements require the manager’s name is added as an “additional insured”. It costs nothing to add them to the policy. The property may be added through an endorsement if the language in the policy does not automatically cover them.

Consider a Personal Umbrella Liability policy

You should always carry a Personal Umbrella Liability policy for at least $1,000,000.

Consider a Commercial Umbrella Liability policy

A Commercial Umbrella Policy is reasonable and covers everything you own without limits.

Roswell Area Information

Roswell Property Managers

In 1830, while on a trip to North Georgia, Roswell King passed through the area of what is now Roswell and observed the great potential for building a cotton mill along Vickery Creek. Since the land nearby was also good for plantations, his idea was to put cotton processing near cotton production.

Toward the middle of the 1830s, King returned to build a mill that would soon become the largest in North Georgia – Roswell Mill. He brought with him 36 African slaves from his own coastal plantation, plus another 42 skilled carpenter slaves bought in Savannah to build the mills. The slaves built the mills, infrastructure, houses, mill worker apartments, and supporting buildings for the new town. The Africans brought their unique Geechee culture, language, and religious traditions from the coast to north Georgia.Source From Wikipedia

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