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At ARB Realty Group, we treat your home as our own. We offer a wide range of property management services to fit your needs as a landlord or home owner, and tailor our services to ensure that you have the highest level of service for your home.

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How do I know that real estate will always go up in value?
While that is the commonly held belief, it is a false assumption. Appraisers will tell you that homes go up and down in value depending on a multitude of factors. Supply and demand, cost of borrowing, community amenities and the quality of local schools are just a few of the many factors affecting value at any given time.However, it is important to know that, in general, Tenantial real estate has seen a slow, steady increase in value over the past 50 years. In areas where home prices have spiked up, it is not unusual to see them drop later as they adjust to a national norm. Economists have noted that there is a built-in resistance to falling home prices. A house is not usually bought and sold like a stock. Most people live in their own homes and plan to stay for quite a few years. This gives great stability to the housing market, and prices tend to be inflexible downward.

In addition, there are strategies the investor can use to boost property value, such as seeking undervalued properties or highly motivated sellers to find bargain prices on homes that have upside potential.
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