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Spring Cleaning for Landlords and Tenants

Marketing Associate - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spring Cleaning for Landlords and Tenants

Finally, the most awaited season of the year has arrived. SPRING! It is time to welcome the season of colors with open windows but first you may want to rid your home of the winter’s mess. Landlords and tenants have different spring cleaning goals and objectives. Landlords are focused on basic spring maintenance requirements such as enhancing beauty of the garden and landscape. On the other hand, tenants may want to focus on a thorough deep cleaning of their space, changing of HVAC filters, etc. Everyone has their own responsibilities and targets for this lovely spring season. Lets take a look at some important spring cleaning tasks to add to your checklist.

Spring Cleaning for Landlords:

As a Landlord, your Spring cleaning checklist is filled with many tasks to complete. It is important to take advantage of the season’s weather and focus on the exterior maintenance of your home.

Things to do for Exterior Management:

  • Cleaning of the gutters may be the most important task for you to check off your Spring cleaning checklist. The Winter and Fall season is notorious for the accumlation of leaves, sticks, branches, and other organic materials inside your homes gutters. Ensure proper cleaning of your homes gutters to prepare for the upcoming Spring showers. 
  • Landlords should consider pressure washing the building’s exterior to eliminate any winter grime.

Its best time for Landscape Grooming:

A well maintained landscape is always the center of attention and the mark of the spring season is the best time to make a few additional efforts to add more value to your investment. Bring out your pruning tools and add few colourful seasonal plants to your collection. Your landscape will look more beautiful and eye catching.

Spring Cleaning for Tenants:

Everyone has different responsibilities as there are changes in the season. While landlords are making efforts to maintain the exterior portion of the house, tenants are advised to manage the interiors. The biggest benefit for tenants living in a rented home is less maintenance tasks. Remember, spring is followed by the hot summer season, tenants are advised to get their HVAC filters repaired to ensure healthy cooling.

Here are few deep cleaning tips for Tenants:

  • It is good to start with the basic things; you need to schedule deep cleaning tasks into daily cleaning efforts as it will help to manage all the mess without getting tired. Start with the dirty kitchen and bathroom. Vacuum those carpets and clean up your personal space thoroughly.
  • It is good to opt for the top down approach to ensure deep cleaning. Simply start with the ceiling clean-up process, cover all the hard spots that are usually missed including ceiling fans and crown molding.
  • Never forget to clean walls and furniture with trustworthy products. You can pick up a few magic erasers to get rid of marks that may be on the walls.
  • Find some time to wash window screens; there is no better time to enjoy the colorful landscapes in the coming season.
  • Make efforts to eliminate household allergens that are commonly found in every house by the end of winter season.

Whether landlords or tenants, everyone should take advantage of this time to move ahead with respective responsibilities to welcome the spring season. These simple cleaning efforts will bring healthy hours ahead. 

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